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Why EcoGreen

TO Ensure Clean environment by recycling waste & scrap products from households , commercial places, industries and hospitals in an environment friendly way and profitability to benefit communities by providing cleaner environment and job Creation.

Benefits of Recyclying

Recycling helps to reduce the amount of pollution (harmful green house gases & chemicals) that is released in the environment through rubbish in landfill sites.Recycling helps to preserve the forests/ natural vegetation which ultimately helps to prevent global warming

Customers Testimonials?

Now we don't have to search a scrap picker in our surrounding we just call the Eco Green and sell our newspaper and other stuffs @ good prices.

- Anita Trivedi (Housewife) Ghaziabad

News & Updates

Eco Green partner with Diamond Publication and Cordova publication in waste paper management.


Eco Green worked with HCL in IT Waste management.


Jaypee Green township with Eco Green.

Price Updates

Today's Paper Price:

Rs. 8.00 / Kg